PersonFirst® Life Stories

At Holbrook, we know your mother, father, or other loved one is unique – just as our own are. The Life Stories component of PersonFirst® collects stories about each resident’s life: his or her career, friendships, interests, hobbies, and life experiences prior to coming to Holbrook. This information is then gathered into a laminated book that is kept in the resident’s room.

The caregiver can then use what is learned in Life Stories to create opportunities for your loved one. For example, one of our residents has a background in fashion, and so her caregiver got her involved in the Piper Shores community fashion show. Each caregiver looks for opportunities to highlight the unique abilities, passions, and interests of each person living at Holbrook.

The Life Stories book helps to build an emotional bridge between the resident and caregivers, and serves as the first step in helping to devise a distinctive plan of care.

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