Transitioning to Assisted Living

At Holbrook, we understand that many new residents fear losing their independence. That’s why we are person-focused – we help your loved one live the life he or she wants to live. Our goal is always to help our residents lead lives that are as independent as possible.

We’re person-focused. As your loved one transitions to assisted living, we get to know their likes and dislikes. We want to know when they want to shower, when they like to get dressed in the morning, when they prefer to go to sleep at night. We don’t do more than what they need. We personalize individual care plans so our residents get what they need in order to remain as independent as possible. We continually access resident needs to make sure they are always getting the services they need.

And sometimes a little bit more help in the morning is all that’s needed. Many residents who move to assisted living find they become more active than when they were in an independent living situation.

That’s why we’re here – to help our residents save energy for what matters most in life.

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