Life at Holbrook

Life at Holbrook revolves around choice. You’ll find that we bend for our residents; our residents don’t bend for us.

Whether they are deciding on activities or meals, our residents create their own days.

A Day in the Life of a Holbrook Resident

8:30 AM I can wake up whenever I choose, and 8:30 AM works for me! I feel like breakfast in bed this morning and take my time over a second cup of coffee and my book. Janice helps me dress and get ready for the day. I look at the daily calendars for Assisted Living, the Health Center, and Independent Living to see what I want to do today. Some days it’s hard to decide from all the options.
10:00 AM I attend Current Events & Morning Trivia. I like discussing what’s happening in the world and being quizzed on current events.
11:30 AM My Zumba class. Who knew that exercise could be so fun? I laugh as much as doing the steps.
12:30 PM Lunch in the Piper Shore’s dining room.
1:45 PM Nap. Who doesn’t love a nap after lunch?
3:30 PM Guitar music. Professional musicians come to play for us about 2-3 times a month. We all enjoy these private concerts.
4:45 PM Reading in my room
6:00 PM Dinner in the Assisted Living dining room
7:30 PM Movie
9:30 PM Alesandra helps me get in my PJ’s and cleaned up for bed. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s bus outing to the Bowdoin College Art Museum!


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