Respite Care:

A Well-Deserved Break for Families in Maine

Respite care is designed specifically for family caregivers and their loved ones. This service offers caregivers a short but well-deserved break; time off to go away on vacation, a business trip, or for any other reason. Most caregivers in Southern Maine look after their parents or grandparents in their own homes and have had few if any resources for care exceeding 24 hours to back them up. Now, Holbrook can accommodate families with respite care stays for as little as a day or long weekend and up to one month or more, if needed.

Holbrook provides 24-hour licensed nursing coverage as well as meals, snacks, and assistance with daily living activities such as bathing and dressing. Capacity for Holbrook’s “temporary residents” is dependent upon the number of beds available at any given time.

Families who have taken advantage of Holbrook’s respite care service enjoy our comfortable Maine inn-like atmosphere with its private rooms and beautiful oceanfront setting on the Piper Shores retirement community campus. Just as importantly, they appreciate the resident-centered culture that includes skilled nursing care provided by our Holbrook staff.

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“I encourage family caregivers to come and take a tour and see how wonderful this place really is. The location is absolutely beautiful, the staff is caring, and the programs we offer are by far and away the best you will find in Maine.”
—Kristen Stevens, RN

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Respite care at Holbrook
"We have been taking care of Dad at home for years. We planned a vacation and felt very comfortable knowing that he was in good hands at Holbrook for a weeklong stay. It was good for us and good for Dad. "
—Family member of Holbrook resident